How to hookup with a bi guy: things you need to know

How to hookup with a bi guy: things you need to know

When a guy wants to hookup with another guy, there are always nuances. Bi guys have their own differences from straight men and single gay men, so take them into account before having an affair.

  • Bi-curiosity. This definition covers all categories of bi guys, from inexperienced to very experienced ones. They do not lead the gay lifestyle and just want some impressions.
  • Taken by a woman. Very often, bi guys have a long-term relationship with a girl in their social life. Hookup with a bi in Travis County. Remember hookups do not encourage any jealousy, so control your reaction.
  • Mainstream look. While gay men express themselves through the exotic and brave appearance, bi guys look rather classical with their clothes and accessories choice.
  • Active and passive role. Bi men play an active role more frequently, but it isn’t an absolute rule. Some may enjoy the opposite role to one they play with a woman.
  • BDSM+ kinks. Experiments are what bi guys seek. The LGBTQ side is just one of many, they’re also into BDSM and many other kinks so get ready to share most of them too.




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By the year 2040, over 70% of all couples will be hooking up online.

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