TourBar – Chat, Meet & Travel App Review

TourBar – Chat, Meet & Travel App Review

Expert’s Rating

Overall 4 stars

Price 3 stars

Features 3 stars

Communication 4 stars

Safety 4 stars

Customer Support 4 stars

General description

TourBar app is a platform meant for finding a travel buddy or a mate for a romantic trip. The app claims to have millions of members from over 150 countries.


• Very intuitive and user-friendly

• Vast database worldwide

• Very plain and primitive features

• Isn’t suitable for LGBT members

• Many scammers and golddiggers who just want a luxury trip for free


1-month Premium subscription – $29.99

3-months Premium subscription – $59.99

6-months Premium subscription – $89.99

In-app purchases (virtual gifts)

Users’ opinions:

“I enjoyed the app, I already used to detect scammers and fake accounts on other dating apps so it wasn’t a problem for me. Cannot imagine modern apps that would be totally clean and legit. Anyways, I did find some cool folks to go out with but I doubt I could find anyone to fully trust to and organize the trips together. I think TourBar is ok for fun but it doesn’t meet all expectations.” (Douglas, 39, Texas city)

“This app is a mess, but not worse than other ones. Some guys look like models but they are sending me very similar and typical messages about the lack of money because they just start their career. Don’t send them anything. Try to find guys who look just normal, even less attractive but at least they will be real. TourBar isn’t the most expensive but it isn’t worthy of its price anyway.” (Carol, 27, Phoenix)

Expert’s conclusion:
TourBar app is getting 50/50 positive and negative reviews from the users. That’s why we rate it a bit higher than InviteTravel app, for example. But it’s still very far from a qualitative dating service for travellers with all modern functions one could imagine. Such a service remains a dream so far or, on another hand, it can be provided by free forums and blogs for travellers. What an irony! The times have changed but people still have to pay for something that won’t help them much.

Let’s say like that, TourBar app helps to find new friends but rarely helps to organize a trip together. Reportedly, there are many Eastern European girls who just want a luxurious all-inclusive trip, but aren’t ready to take any responsibilities by themselves. It’s nearly impossible to find or build an equal relationship/communication on such an app.

Considering that at least 50% of accounts on TourBar are fraudulent, let’s see which warning signs we would pay your attention too:

Too many model-looking females or males. People who really like to travel and need your company for that, aren’t obligatory striking celebrities! There should be a big number of average-looking folks to make it look legit.

Complex and unclear system of payments. TourBar app is double less expensive than infamous InviteTravel, and brings more results for sure, but it still offers weird and fishy in-app purchases which aren’t needed at all. Top-dating apps keep it simple.

Customer support is either absent, very slow, or avoids direct answers. For example, on TourBar app the support team clearly ignored the request of a gay man whose profile wasn’t activated or supported in time. They just said something like “Thank you for your feedback”, and all fraudulent app are doing exactly that when the customer describes his problem. The administrators here appear more helpful in other cases, but such a service cannot be called fair enough.

You cannot find a match quickly on the app although its description says the database is huge. How so? It’s especially suspicious if you live in a popular location with lots of inhabitants. In a case of TourBar app, a half of customers complain on that issue and a half are satisfied so it isn’t that bad.

As a summary, we would recommend TourBar app only to people who have enough time, patience, and some bucks to go through all the fakes and scammers and eventually find a match with the help of personal luck and intuition. We still think free forums and free apps/social networks for travellers work much better. Our rate is “a bit below average”.

Technical info:
Size: 28.5 MB

Current version: 3.9.1

Last updated: November 15, 2018

Requires iOs: 9.0 or later

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Age rating: 17+ (Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes)

Email address: [email protected]

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