Ukrainian women vs American women, their pros and cons

Ukrainian women vs American women, their pros and cons

Ukraine for a girl

Why would one go to Ukraine for a girl?

Ukrainian women’s fame in the west will never fade away, and success stories are going to overshine any fears connected with international dating. But why are they more in favour than western girls?

The very first thing American men notice, is Ukrainian girls’ maturity even if they’re only 18 or 20. One cannot say the same about American teens, they have children’s mind yet.

While Ukrainian ladies at this age normally cook well, look after younger siblings, have seasoned or full time jobs, and can actually make good mothers if needed.

But that’s in a perspective, in general Ukrainian women started to give birth in their 30s, in average. Before that, they prefer to see the world, build careers, and so on.

These modern priorities bring them closer to American women’s values, but things didn’t go that far in Ukraine yet. The feminist movement is quite weak so far, and the family is important.

In fact, Ukrainian woman doesn’t imagine her life without a man, while American woman can imagine that. Ukrainian woman adores kids, while American wife often leaves them on a man.

On a top of that, Ukrainian women are just gorgeous and naturally look like models. They prefer feminine clothes even more than Russian ladies, and have a sense of style.

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Why is Ukrainian girls’ appearance so different?

Women’s look in Ukraine is, in fact, very unique. Their main difference from American girls is that they rarely make their lips fuller, cheekbones higher, noses smaller, and so on.

Some local celebrities do, as well as professional escort girls. Provincial daddy’s girls do as well, but modifying the appearance is always considered a sign of a bad taste.

It’s because around eighty percent of girls in Ukraine are born with the perfect model appearance: big or almond-shaped eyes, small noses, full lips, and high cheekbones.

About such women, Ukrainians say they are purebred. In other words, they have a class. While girls who do not have a class, must improve their appearance in a fake way.

It’s always easy to recognize fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake breasts, as more as American men see enough of that stuff where they live. So just watch out and chose only natural beauty in Ukraine.

There aren’t mostly blondes among Ukrainian hotties, like one can see in Russia and especially in Belarus. Moreover, dark-haired babes with olive skin prevail.

How did this exotic type of beauty form in this part of Eastern Europe? One has to know that ancient Slavs weren’t all blonde with blue eyes, they divided into several groups.

The Cossaks who were ancient Slavic warriors, are actually often pictured as dark-eyed tanned men with a long lock of black hair. It’s definitely because of Turk genes.find real america

All national Ukrainian songs are mentioning local girls with black eyebrows. To focus attention on their exotic beauty, they were wearing bright red flower crowns and beads.

Just like Spanish women in old times, you would say. Yes, but ethnically, it’s more correct to compare Ukrainian women to Bulgarian, Romanian, and Greek ones.

In Odessa, the most international and multi-ethnic Ukrainian city, Jewish, Turkish, and Armenian heritage is added to this hot cocktail of genes. American women rarely look that exotic.

Ukrainian dress style remains very special. Of course, in the least developed towns one can still see the grey boring type of clothes that had been normal for Soviet and post-Soviet times.

But in touristic cities, such as Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, women look extremely fancy and trendy, with some elements of pinup and glamour. It surprises a lot at first sight.

Some women spend a lot on shopping, others buy second hand clothes or even sew them by themselves, but they always manage to look very festive and feminine in any situation.

If to talk about the USA, we can see this kind of attitude and a similar style only in movies about old America. Right now American women tend to wear unisex clothes and look casual.


Ukrainian women and sex: what should an American expect?

Some men complain their Ukrainian girlfriends avoided sex with them, but it always depend on a particular situation. Ukrainian women aren’t sexually cold or ignorant.

Aside from fraudulent personalities who aren’t going to have a real relationship anyway, genuine Ukrainian girls are just too sensitive to nuances of courtship and have trust issues.

If a man has a positive personality and is generous towards a girl’s close people, there is a one hundred percent guarantee she’ll get intimate with him and show her full potential in a bed.

Let’s not forget a hot genetic mix in Ukrainian blood: these women are naturally passionate and open-minded, they are setting no limits or boundaries in a bed when they’re in love.

At the same time, Ukrainian girls are never as straightforward and initiative-taking as American or German women. Yet, not as passive as Asian or African women.

They do expect a man to make the first step in intimacy, and many of the other steps, but they flirt quite openly and give as many hints as they can, if they like someone.

When they make love, they express all the passion freely and don’t mind to dominate at times if their partner wants. They perfectly switch the roles, do cosplay or play any other bed games.

Imaginative, creative mind and a strong commitment to please their partner differs Ukrainian girls not only from western women, but also from Russian ones who are a bit more classical.

Another important aspect is that women in Ukraine still aren’t infected with the virus of female selfishness in a bed like it happens in the USA where girls specially learn to be egoist.

All those workshops for women teaching them to explore all kinds of female orgasm, their sensitive zones, meditation during sex, reduce a man’s role to the minimum and turn him into a sex tool.

Luckily, Ukrainian women aren’t acquainted to such ultra-modern practices, and still represent a golden middle between worshipping their partner and enjoying his caresses.

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Are Ukrainian girls as materialistic as American ones?

Another question that frequently disturbs western men, is whether Ukrainian girlfriends and wives are greedy and money-focused. The answer cannot be too simple.

Of course, Slavic women also care about the money, especially after being scared by the USSR limitations, then post-Soviet chaos, and now truly European big prices along with low salaries.

When they meet a man for short-term affairs, they normally expect some gifts, just like Filipina girls for example who cannot afford brand new goods and gadgets.

Very often, middle-class Ukrainian women have many debts in a bank after purchasing a new smartphone, furniture, or other stuff, so they hope a man will be of some help to cover the debts.

But they are reasonable and well aware that American men pay endless bills at home, especially if a man’s mortgage isn’t fully paid yet. By the way, you can use this excuse.

So, genuine Ukrainian women in fact do not expect much, just some courtship souvenirs, taxi payment, and little pocket money. They are more than thankful for such gestures of kindness.

While American women, obviously, do not need pocket money with their good incomes, but they happen expect or even demand expensive gifts up to the new car and furs.

Now, Ukrainian brides who seek a life partner, are checking his financial capacities much more thoroughly than hookup girls do. First of all, they check if he has a house of his own.

But that is greatly explained by their motherly instinct and their wish to build a cosy nest for a future family. Also, they are afraid to remain homeless if something happens to a man.

They are checking whether he is debt-free, alimonies-free, able to pay a fiancée visa and airplane tickets, to provide a young wife while she is adapting to her new environment.

All that is normal and shouldn’t be judged hard. This way, Ukrainian women are just showing their rational side and put a thought into a common future which unfortunately depends on finances.

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